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Abacus Classes

Learn from Best Trainers who Inspire

At RIGHT GUIDE, We focuses on academic excellence. We motivate to learn. The online sessions taught by our best trainer not only help you academically, but also stay with you for life. RGE also helps in achieving success academically during his/ her schooling, competitive examination and as well as in life.

Benefits to your child(s) of Learning Abacus:

1. It boosts creativity in children.

2. It empowers concentration.

3. It gives strength to the imagination.

4. It improves the listening ability.

5. It boosts memory power.

6. It boosts speed and accuracy in arithmethical calculation.

7. It boosts sense of observation during learning.

8. It boosts learning capability.

9. It boosts decision making memory power.

10. It helps in visualizing , confidence as well as complex mathematical calculations. The abacus is used for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in large digits with decimal calculations.

Main Benefits: RGE is giving opportunity every year to showcase the hidden skills of your child on common platforms like District, State, National, International level Abacus competitions.


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