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Importance of Abacus Association:

Abacus education has a proven record internationally to stimulate the mathematical urge in the children and well taught kid will enjoy practicing mathematics with ease. Improper and unscientific teaching of Abacus can lead to negative results in the exposure, attitude and development of children and students/children at no point can learn the real effect abacus education. Abacus Association has taken the initiative to guide and absorb the children who are dropped out because of the closing down of such unrecognized and unnamed Institutes. The educational Institutes, Schools who had encouraged such unrecognized and unnamed Institutes are also welcome to use this opportunity to reorganize so as to provide high quality, internationally recognized system of abacus teaching, since the same will glitter the students mathematical ability and exposure.

Abacus Association has the internationally recognized and authorized syllabus and infrastructure facilities and support to provide assistance to the educational Institutions and Schools to cater their abacus education related requirements. Abacus Association to protect the abacus education in India from falling into the wrong hands has also taken the initiative to bring all such unrecognized and unauthorized Institutions in one roof to provide necessary knowledge and education to run the Institution, toimpart real teaching methods, qualify them to the international standard and getting them approved as a registered and recognized Institution in India.