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Web Development Class:

Our this courses focus on building fundamental web development. Students will learnbasics to advanced level of this course.
Web development gives you the opportunity to express yourself creatively on the internet. If you have an idea you would like to try as you discover your web dev skills, try it out. Web dev is a fun, creative experience.
Deciding a career will always be a difficult decision, especially when you’re unsure of what the outcome will be after you’ve invested time and money into learning a new trade. Fortunately, the high demand, easy-to-learn, fun-to-experience life of a web developer is always a great choice for someone ready to have an exciting career in code.

Required Age Group:

Minimum Age Required : 18+ Years
Maximum Age : No Age Limit


Why you should to Enroll your child in Web Development Course ?


Benefits of  learning Web Development Course:

1. There are so many web development jobs in 21st Century.
2. You can earn more according to your tallent and potential.
3. No wasted time in coding how to learn.
4. You can work from anywhere.
5. You can work at awesome Tech Company.
6. There are always freelance Opportunities.
7. Its’s creative and fun.

Content of  Web Development Course:

Professional Level:

1. HTML 5 Version Coding.
2. CCS
3. Javascript
4. Bootstrap 5
5. Work on Theme & Plugins
6. Work on .php, .net, Laravel Framework

Course Duration for Web Development:

Duration –  2 Years

Professional Level Training


Class Mode & Duration:

Class Mode = We have both mode of classes. Offline classes as well as online classes.
3 Classes in week ( Offline ) = 1 Hours
4 classes in week  ( Online ) =   40 Minutes


Certification of Course:

After the completion of this course the children will be awarded with the certificate of  web development program which show their strength and talent.

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