Right Guide Edu-Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd.
A Govt. of India Registered Company
CIN: U80903HR2015PTC057140      Govt. Registration No.: 057140

About Us

Misson of RGE
RGE has been established on 2nd day of November of the year 2015. RGE has a mission to provide quality education though our technically designed program in Abacus, Vedic Mathematics of children of aged group between 5 -15 years with intention to explore the potentials of their brains. RGE helps our future generation to become more creative, diligent, confident, as well as skillful in all aspects.
Aims of RGE
The RGE aims to enable our future generation to achieve their all the aspirations for successful life. We also guide them  right path by using our  principles of social  as well as  moral life and to impart their role for the growth of nation and to set  a milestone to encourage the others too.
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