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It  is a visual art of beautiful writing like fine arts. In the design and expression of alphabets are usually made with the help of broad tip instruments, dip pen or by using brush etc. Generally calligraphy is functional inscription to fine art designing and is still continuously being used in the form of different wedding card or other event invitation card by way of font designing and typography in different formats. They are also most commonly used as a prop in testimonials, certificates, maps and other written works. The calligrapher uses the different tools like pen and bush in which pen(nib) may be flat, round or pointed  or multi brushed..
At RGE we have designed our calligraphic program for our kids where we teach them how to use these tools in drawing better inscriptions and designing the alphabets in the assistance of our trained instructors. This technique helps kid to develop self confidence and making them self reliant. This is a rewarding career for future aspect also.

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