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Drawing Class:

Our this courses focus on building fundamental drawing skills. Students will learn basic techniques such as shading, controlling tones, composition, and drawing methods. Additionally, you will learn how to see with an artist’s eye and capture what we see on paper.


Required Age Group:

Minimum Age Required : 5-15 Years of child’s for Basic Level
Maximum Age : No Age Limit


Why you should to Enroll your child in Drawing Course ?


Benefits of  Learning Drawing Class:

1. It boosts creativity in children.
2. It empowers concentration.
3. It gives strength to the imagination..
4. It boosts sense of observation & Visualization.
5. It boosts learning durability.

Contents of Drawing Course Level Wise:

Junior Basic Level:

1. Using Basic Geometric Shapes
2. Different types of Shadings
3. Coloring
4. Texture Making



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Professional Level:

1. Composition-Sketching (Advance like portraits, Human Body)
2. Shading detailing.
3. Lots of coloring ideas.
4. Sighting/ Measuring
5. Technique and Style (The Grid Technique)
6. Basic facial Proportions(Drawing in Proportion and Foreshortening)
7. Rendering Light and Dark Values
8. Drawing From Life and Pictures—Drawing Studies
9. Figure Drawing (Figure Proportion any gesture drawing)


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Course Duration of Drawing Class:

Total Levels – 2 ( Junior Basic and Professional )

Level – 1 (Junior Basic Level)

For Age Group  : 5-15 years of childs.
Course Duration  : 4 Months


Level – 2 (Professional Level)

For Age Group  : – 10 years of child’s
Course Duration  : 10 Months Minimum
Maximum Duration: No Limit


Mode & Duration of Drawing Class:

Class Mode = We have both mode of classes. Offline classes as well as online classes.
2 Classes in week ( Offline ) = 1 Hours
3 classes in week  ( Online ) =   40 Minutes


Certification of Course:

After the completion of this course the children will be awarded with the certificate of  drawing programme which show their strength and talent.

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