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Plural abci or abacuses. It’s another name is Counting frame and is used as calculating tool for the arithmetic calculation. In this user mentally visualizes the abacus for calculation. It has been proved that human brain development depends upon a lot of numeric ability which helps in boosting the brain skills.

Required Age Group:

Abacus Class is one of the best course for child age 5 to 15 years.

Abacus Class


4 -15 Years of child.

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Why you should to Enroll your child in Abacus Course ?


Benefits of Abacus & Learning Mental Math’s :

1. It boosts creativity in children.

2. It empowers concentration.

3. It gives strength to the imagination.

4. It improves the listening ability.

5. It boosts memory power.

6. It boosts speed and accuracy in arithmethic calculation.

7. It boosts sense of observation during learning.

8. It boosts learning capability.

9. It boosts decision making memory power.

10. It helps in visualizing , confidence as well as complex mathematical calculation. The abacus is used for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in large digits.


Testimonial Video of Abacus Class:

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Course Duration for Abacus Class:

Duration – 3 years

Level – 3 (Junior, Basic and Advanced)

Total Term – 10 Term


Level – 0 (Foundation Level)

Total Terms – 2 Terms

Term – 1 (Junior Kidzabacus) = 4 Months

For Age Group  : 4-6 years childs      Latest updated syllabus: August, 1, 2020

Term – 2 (Senior Kidzabacus)= 4 Months

For Child’s Age Group : 6-15  Years

Level – 1 (Basic Starter Level)

Total Term – 4 Terms

1 Term =4 Months

For Child’s Age Group : 6-15 Years


Level – 2 (Advanced Smarter Level)

1 Term =4 Months

Total Term – 4 Terms

For Child’s Age Group : 6-15 Years


Class Mode & Duration:

Class Mode = We have both mode of classes, offline classes as well as online classes.

Weekend Class ( Offline ) = 1 Hours 20 Minutes

Class in Week  ( Online ) =  2 Classes in week of duration 40 Minutes


Certification of Course:

The children will be awarded with the certificate in each term after the completion, which show their strength and talent.

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Parents Rate & Reviews for Abacus Class:

Dinesh meghani
Dinesh meghani
Jitender Kumar
Jitender Kumar
I have two sons. I have joined them in Abacus course in Right Guide Academy. My both sons have benifited alot. They have learned various new maths skills from here. Now my both son's are able to do maths on finger or mentally. I am Happy to join my kids here. I am recommand to join your kids here.
Laxmi Singh
Laxmi Singh
"Hardwork reaps sweetest of fruits" this phrase says it all. Abacus certainly sounds like a tough nut to crack but honestly, if one develops the necessary patience, dedication and accuracy required, it perhaps become the best skill you can learn. Another important factor is to choose your mentor wisely. From my personal experience, I enrolled my son at Right Guide Education and I have not regretted my choice at all. The teachers here are very co-operative, dedicated and hardworking. Their devotion and passion towards your child is simply the best! Hence, I will always recommend one to take Abacus tutorials, "the younger you start, the more impact it will have."
sandeep budhwan
sandeep budhwan
I have joined my kid here for abacus class. Classes is so wonderful. My child has improved their mental skills. He has benefited alot, improved their maths skill as well as overall all subjects. I am so happy to join my kid at Right Guide Academy ☺
Munish Sindwani
Munish Sindwani
Sheena Bhatia
Sheena Bhatia
Awesome result oriented institute for Abacus classes. They are providing these Classes in both mode, offline and online. I have joined my kids here for abacus class. They have benefited alot. Staff has too cooperative. They are also providing extra classes of Abacus classes for weak students. I am suggesting to every Parents who wants to join their kids for abacus classes. Fees structure are good according to their hard work on our kids. In short this centre has boosted the hidden skills of my kids and these skills are helping to my kids in school academic life. I am happy to see the hidden skills of my both kids. Thanks, Right Guide Academy
Disha Sharma
Disha Sharma
Superrb institute for Abacus Smart Classes in mode of offline as well as online. In the pendemic time of covid-19 they have cooperated to us alot. I have joined my both kids here for abacus smart class. They have learned and improved their learning skills from this academy. I am suggesting to everyone who wants to join their kids for abacus smart classes. This centre is so result oriented and professional institute in specialised in particular Abacus program. In short this centre has changed the skills and talent both of my kids and these skills are helping to my kid's school academic life and their performance. I am happy to join my both kids here. Thanks, Right Guide Academy
Vibha Shukla Creative Vrijraj Mishra
Vibha Shukla Creative Vrijraj Mishra
Amazing skills enhancement Classes.
shivender singh Panwar
shivender singh Panwar
Ajit Amit
Ajit Amit
Right guide education

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FAQ’s Related to Abacus Course

Ans. Abacus is an ancient tool which is used for mathematical calculation like addition, subtraction,multiplication, division and decimal calculation.
The right age & time to admit your child for abacus course is 4-15 years. It's time to explore your child's brain for new skills.
Ans. The RGE’s has designed program using international concept based on abacus using as tool to sharpen your child brain by enhancing the mental math’s skill. It is a 360 degree child brain development program which helps the children to improve their creativity, concentration, visualization, memory power, speed & accuracy,learning power capability, comprehension power, sense of observation in learning, intuition power etc.It’s also helpsin visualizing, confidence as well as complex mathematical calculation and also able to do mental maths calculation. Latest neuro-scientific research have positively confirmed the effectiveness of abacus training. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1053811903000508
We are giving abacus classes in two modes: 1. Online 2. Offline. You need to register your name first on our RGE portal or at our franchisee branch office. Our classes will be conduct only on our android app for registered students or Users. You need to download our app from google pay store. You can search Right Guide Academy google play store and download it in your mobile or in your android Smart Tv.
We will clear your all doubts related to course in extra classes through live interactive classes. The doubts clearing sessions will be 100% free. You will be get total 8 live interactive paid classes for theory and practical +4 doubts clearing sessions free. total=12 live classes.
After the completion of every term, every applicant will get e-certificate which show their strength and talent.
Yes, we will also provide support and assistance to our applicants. If you have any query, problems or doubts then you can get in touch with us in our office timings 10:00 Am to 6:30 pm. We will be resolve as soon as possible or with in 24 hours. You can call or our WhatsApp on – +91-9355246968

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