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Handwriting Class:

In the present day, good handwriting is equally important as far as good academics are concerned for our kids. Good handwriting indicates others’ ability to imagine personality traits. If he doesn’t have good handwriting, he will be unable to express himself and will feel complex. So, It is presumed that good handwriting is a powerful tool to express oneself and also imparts valuable inputs in boosting self-confidence and developing conscious traits.
At RGE, with our handwriting improvement program, we are helping such kids by assisting them with our trained instructors to remove the obstacles and errors required for good handwriting. We teach them how to use the different tools and accessories (like sitting posture, how to hold a pen or pencil, how to write in different angles or manners, the use of font patterns, etc.) systematically required for good handwriting.

Required Age Group:


We have specially designed this program to keep in mind the learning age criteria. So, it is divided into two levels of this program.
1. Kids Basic Level Course:
5–17 years of age.
2. Adult Advanced Level Course:
The student must be at least 18 years old. There is no upper age limit for this course.

Types of Handwriting Courses:

1. Hindi Handwriting Program
2. English Handwriting Program

Why should you enroll your child in a handwriting course?



Benefits of a Handwriting Course:

1. This activates the visual perception of letters.
2.  This improves reading fluency.
3. This helps to get more marks in every subject and also helps to reduce the mental burden.
4. This program boosts concentration as well as confidence.
5. Good handwriting has a positive impact on grades as well as on our personalities. It increases our improved academic performance in school.
6. This program activates the brain more than keyboarding. This program develops both sides of your brain by increasing your visualization and concentration abilities.
7. This program boosts our sensory part of the brain. Writing by hand creates much more activity in the sensorimotor part of the brain. A lot of senses are activated by pressing the pen on paper, seeing the letters you write and hearing the sound you make while writing
8. The ultimate goal of this program is practical application of the skill, which can be broken down into three points:
(A) We want students to write legibly.
(B) Writing is meant to be read.
(C) To communicate a message to the reader.


Testimonial Video of the Handwriting Class:

To view this video, click on the play button.

Course Duration of the Handwriting Course:

Duration for Hindi Handwriting: 10 Months
Duration for English Handwriting: 8 Months


Course for Kids: 1 (Basic Level)

Duration for Hindi Handwriting: 10 Months
Duration for English Handwriting: 8 Months


Course for Adults: 2 (Advanced Level)

Duration for Hindi Handwriting: 6 Months
Duration for English Handwriting: 4 Months


Class Mode and Duration:

Class Mode: We have both modes of classes. Offline classes as well as online classes.
2 class in week  ( Offline ) = 1 Hours
3 class in week  ( Online ) =   40 Minutes


Certification of the Course:

After the completion of the program, the children will be awarded a certificate in the good handwriting program, which shows their strength and talent.

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