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Right Guide Edu-Tech (India) Private Limited offers a child brain development program based on mental math and abacus that enriches the brain power of children aged between 5 to 15 years and helps in developing mental skills. RGE emphasizes whole-brain development by skilling the foundation of the brain. It improves memory, concentration, creativity, confidence, and problem-solving skills in children. RGE also helps in achieving success academically during his or her schooling, competitive examinations, and in life.
We not only make the students skilled in mathematics but also help them by developing fundamental learning skills in children.
We use pedagogical techniques specially designed according to the psychology of each child in the age group between 5 and 15 years, which gives maximum benefits to them.


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Our Popular Courses

Drawing Class

Drawing course is specially designed for class 1 to upper age of child to enrich their creativity skills & visual art. We have both mode of classes; online as well as Offline classes.

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Phonics is a way of teaching children how to Read, Write, Listen and Speak. It is develops all areas in communication. Phonics involves matching the sounds of spoken English with individual letters or groups of letters.

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English Spoken

English Language has become an essential part of our life. It is one of the widely spoken languages worldwide. Around 400 million people worldwide speak English.

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It is a visual art of beautiful writing like fine arts. In the design and expression of alphabets are usually made with the help of broad tip instruments, dip pen or by using brush etc.

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Handwriting Classes

In the present days the good handwriting is equally important as far as concerned with the good academics for our kids. A good handwriting indicates other’s to imagine the personality traits.

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Vedic Maths

Vedic mathematics which was discovered from our Vedas and the term vedic mathematics was coined by Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji (1884-1960.

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ABACUS Plural abci or abacuses. Its another name is Counting frame and is used as calculating tool for the arithmetic calculations.

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    What Parents Says


    Superb institute for overall growth of child mind through Abacus.

    Thanks ! Right Guide

    Amandeep Singh

    Sr. Engineer


    I am so happy to join in Abacus Program. This is very unique program. Specially, calculation through Two finger technique is so awesome. Trainers are so good and cooperative. This is result oriented place to enhance new skills.

    Thanks ! Right Guide

    Luxmi Singh



    I have admitted my son here in Abacus program and he has benefitted alot with new skills of this  program. This program is so wonderful . My son has also won many prizes in different competition platforms like International , National , District Level. So, I am  specially happy to see the way of teaching technique & methodology to teach small kids of age 5 years. I am specially recmond to parents to join your kids here.

    Thanks ! Right Guide

    Sumit Atray


    What we do ?

    What we do

    Right Guide Edu-Tech (I) Pvt. Ltd. Company provides the international concept of  Abacus and Mental Arithmetic education and also provides indian concept like Vedic Maths.
    It is a child brain development program which bases on mental math and abacus which enrich the brain power of children aged 4-14. It helps in developing the mental skill and RGE emphasizes on the whole brain development by skilling foundation of brain. It improves memory, concentration creativity as well as problem solving approach. RGE also helps in building confidence and helps in achieving success in
    all fields as well as in life.
    We not only make the students proficient in mathematics but also help by developing fundamental learning skills in children.
    We use pedagogical techniques specially designed according to psychology of children which gives maximum benefits to them.

    Why Join Us ?

    What we do

    1. Minimal personal investment along with territorial protection for business operations.
    2. RGE provides you with our company brand name and business trademark. ( Logo)
    3. Our full support system for our area business partner, Cum Program Trainer.
    4. The company’s personnel will also assist in franchisee business promotion and marketing.
    5. Business planning strategies and operational assistance with our trained professionals.
    6. Professional assistance in centre operation administratively, technically, and in marketing to enhance your business.
    7. Assistance in Sales and Customer Services.
    8. Facility for classroom teacher training as well as also available online training for program trainers for those new applicants who reside a long distance from the company.
    9. 100% secure, recession-free, and profitable business.
    10. Earnings from the first day when you start your own business.
    11. 100% Success Assured .

    Our Offers

    What we do

    RGE’s has opened free franchises in all the states in India during COVID-19 and after. 100% free franchisee fees, / Royality charges/ Center affiliation with your business security, strong marketing and support system until branch affiliation.
    Interested applicants may submit their application for abacus franchisee through our online application process before the last date, without waiting for the last date of our RGE Company’s offers.
    Start your own business today with us and get 100% rewarding career growth.

    Terms and Conditions apply.
    Complete franchisee approval setup in just 30 minutes through our easy online process.
    Hurry  !!! Our offer is valid until August 31, 2023.
    The last updated website was at 00:30 am on February 15, 2024.