Right Guide Edu-Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd.
A Govt. of India Registered Company | Govt. Registration No.: 057140 |
CIN: U80903HR2015PTC057140  
Right Guide Edu-Tech (india) Private Limited offers a child brain development program based on mental math and abacus which enriches the brain power of children aged group between 5-15 years and helps in developing the mental skills. RGE emphasizes on the whole brain development by skilling foundation of brain. It improves memory, concentration, creativity, confidence as well as problem solving approach in children. RGE also helps in achieving success academically during his/ her schooling, competitive examination and as well as in life.
We not only make the students skilled in mathematics but also help them by developing fundamental learning skills in children.
We use pedagogical techniques specially designed according to psychology of  each children of aged group between 5 -15 years which gives maximum benefits to them.

Welcome to the RGE Group, world leader of Abacus Classes, where young minds embark on a journey of mathematical excellence and mental agility! At “Join Best Abacus Classes.”